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Seven Spikes Palisade

Spikes are made to ensure that intruders do not
access your properties. The different spikes
serve different purposes. They are a decoration
with a great purpose.

Three Spikes Palisade

Our 3 spikes come in different sizes,
thickness and type of material.
Painting can be done according to
order at an extra charge. We use the
best quality of material to make our

Two Spikes Palisade

As shown on the picture on the right side, our spikes
come in various shapes. We thrive to tailor-make
everything to your specification for your satisfaction.
you name it, we do it!

Diamond Wire

We do diamond normal wire fencing and
diamond razor wire fencing. Shapes of the
razor wire can be done to your specification. As
long as it is razor wire we can shape it. Your
security is our concern.

Clear View Wire

Now this is the elegant, state of the art
fencing. Protection blended with beautiful
work of art. The fence is just beautiful and


We build the most beautiful gates in
South Africa. Gates can be tailor
made to your specification. They can
be wheels and rail, guide beam and
roller. We offer various locking
systems for your gates. You will never
go wrong.

Diamond Razor Wire

We do both diamond and spiral razor
wire. the sizes of the diamond shapes
and the spirals is done to your

Barbed Wire

We supply and instal the best barbed wire
in South Africa. our service is fast and
professional. We can fence whatever size
of land to your specification.

Razor Wire

This is what we call maximum security. No one
dares touch the razor wire. We supply different
types and sizes of razor wire to ensure that
you get the best protection and never worry
about the safety of your property.

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